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Periodontal Disease

Most of the time, the reason for having periodontal disease is simply from improper cleaning of the teeth. Periodontist Bakersfield encourages their patients to clean their teeth by brushing them or flossing. Through this, the plaque can be removed and would not have the chance to harden and form into tartar which is very difficult to remove by brushing and flossing alone. When this happens, general cleaning from the dentist can work to remove.

But if the patient ignores tartar build-up and starts noticing that their gums bleed, their breath stinks despite mouth washing or brushing their teeth, they feel pain when chewing and notice that their gums are swollen and their teeth is too sensitive, then the situation may have escalated into periodontal disease.

Periodontist Bakersfield CA

Apart from improper teeth cleaning; smoking and other diseases such as diabetes, hormonal imbalance, AIDS and more, can be the cause of periodontal diseases. Periodontists can help prevent any more damage from these diseases through proper diagnosis and treatment

What can Periodontist Do?

Having problems related to your teeth can be solved by a general dentist. However, there are cases when a general dentist recommends their patients to go to someone who has a specialized skill to do the job. If your problem has something to do with periodontal diseases, Periodontist Bakersfield is the number one recommended expert on the area.

Periodontists are dentists with specialization in treating periodontal diseases or more popularly known as “gum disease”. This disease happens when our gums, or at least the tissues which are responsible for holding our teeth in place, is infected. This can be caused by not properly brushing the teeth which allows plaque to remain and harden. If the disease is more advanced, it can cause many things such as bleeding of the gums or even teeth loss. Periodontist Bakersfield can help the patient treat their periodontal disease before it gets worse.

Periodontists will start the treatment by checking your medical and dental history. This can help them sort out the treatment that would be given to you. For instance, some people suffer from medical conditions that require them to take medicine that may cause a lesser production of saliva. If this is so, the patient has a higher tendency to suffer from periodontal diseases due to this situation. Another example is, if the reason you are suffering from periodontal disease is because you are a heavy smoker, it would be difficult to have you go for treatment if you continue to smoke.

Through proper evaluation of the patient, the periodontist can treat the disease with ease and comfort for the patient. There will also be times when the periodontist needs to to do surgical procedures but only for patients with severe cases. As for other things, periodontists also help with placements, maintenance and dental implants. If these implants are not well cared for, it can cause a bad periodontal disease which makes the patient suffer. Periodontist Bakersfield makes sure that the patient does not get infected with bacteria causing diseases by preventing the growth of these bacteria, and tartar, in between the teeth.

Periodontists do not only diagnose, but they also treat patients through cleaning, surgical procedures, consultation, dental advice and more. But this does not mean that they work alone. Depending on the situation, a general dentist and a periodontist work together to treat a patient.

Periodontist Bakersfield CA


It is best to prevent periodontal diseases from escalating further into a more severe case. Contact Periodontist Bakersfield for deep teeth cleaning or gingival treatment. We can help you point out what needs treatment in your mouth to avoid a higher level of severity of periodontal disease. Do not let your mouth suffer, let us help you. Call our clinic today to book an appointment.

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