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Common Dental Problems in Children

As a parent, you always want the best for your children and their dental health. It is essential to promote healthy oral hygiene habits from the time the first teeth grow to avoid the most common dental problems children encounter. Dental problems are common in children of all ages, so it is essential for them to have preventive and proactive care.

Most of the dental problems that kids may face are the same ones that affect adults; however, your kid’s teeth are still developing, and they are softer and younger than their permanent teeth. Dental problems that are not treated may cause poor and misaligned tooth development, leading to more severe conditions as a child grows up.

Pediatric Dentistry Bakersfield CA

At Pediatric Dentistry Bakersfield CA, we understand the difference between treating an adult and a child. Our children’s dentist Bakersfield CA are specialized in treating and providing your child gentle dental care.

It is necessary that you, as a parent, understand the common pediatric dental problems so you can help your child prevent these problems.

Tooth Decay Tooth decay is one of the most common chronic childhood conditions, and it is caused by particular types of bacteria that live and thrive in the mouth. A plaque, the sticky film-like buildup of bacteria, continually accumulates on teeth. Foods rich in carbohydrates help plaque to grow and eat away at teeth, causing tooth decay. In children, candies, cookies, soda, and fruit juice are some of the most common problem foods

The good news is you can prevent tooth decay by proper brushing techniques and regular visits to a dentist. Have your child brush twice a day with approved fluoride toothpaste, and ensure they floss before bed. And limit their consumption of sweet food, particularly before bedtime.

Sensitive Teeth Sensitive teeth can disrupt your child’s focus and routine because they are uncomfortable and distracting. Several factors can cause tooth sensitivity in children; thus, regular visits to the dentist is crucial for diagnosing the underlying cause. Some of the factors that can cause tooth sensitivity to your child’s teeth are the following:

  • Cavities or tooth decay
  • New erupted permanent teeth
  • Acid erosion and enamel wear
  • Teeth grinding or bruxism
  • A cracked or missing filling
  • Orthodontic treatment

Various treatments can help lessen the pain and discomfort that your child is suffering. If the sensitivity is caused by a dental problem, like a cavity, it would be best to see a dentist in Pediatric Dentistry Bakersfield CA immediately to prevent the condition from getting worse.

Pediatric Dentistry Bakersfield CA

Bad Breath Bad breath, also known as halitosis, can affect anyone, regardless of their age. Bad breath is often blamed on the food we just ate. However, chronic bad breath in children could be a sign of a deeper root issue than eating stinky foods. Halitosis is hugely caused by bacteria that live in the mouth, and these bacteria colonies feed on leftover food, fluid, and plaque.

Various problems can cause the accumulation of bacteria in the mouth that can cause halitosis, such as poor oral hygiene, gum problems, and dry mouth. Other conditions, such as diabetes, chronic sinusitis, tooth decay, and digestive issues, may also lead to bad breath. The best way to treat and prevent bad breath is proper dental hygiene; brushing the tongue can help fight bacteria in the mouth, and an antibacterial mouthwash may help reduce any smells.

Thumb-Sucking Thumb-sucking is one of the most common behaviors associated with childhood; however, it is not a cause for worry because it will fade away when a kid is two or there in most cases. But pay attention to this habit as your kid ages as it can harm your kid’s oral health.

If your child continues this habit when their permanent teeth begin to come in, it may cause several problems and disrupt the normal oral development that affects the teeth alignment and the root of the mouth.

Aside from these common dental problems listed above, there are other problems that your child may suffer, and the best way to prevent these problems is to have proper oral hygiene and visit a dentist regularly. A family dentist in Bakersfield CA may help you, but the ideal for your child is the Pediatric Dentistry Bakersfield CA, as they are specialized and treating children’s dental problems.

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