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Thanks to the Dentist in Bakersfield, people would have reasons to smile. We provide a wide range of affordable general, specialty, cosmetic, and orthodontic services at locations near you.

What does it mean to be a holistic dentist? What makes holistic dentistry different from conventional dentistry?

Dentist in bakersfield ca offer holistic dentistry. We take a different approach to oral problems. Rather than providing symptomatic solutions, we consider the whole body to treat it from the inside out. When you visit a dentist like this, you should expect hypnosis, homeopathy, aromatherapy, diet, and herbology to be used. Individualized care is a priority for biological dentists.

Other dental practitioners vs. holistic dentists

Much of the time, traditional and holistic dentists can treat the same patient in very different ways. The average dental professional is just concerned with mouth issues. Dentists who practice natural dentistry will search for ties between oral and general health issues and treat them holistically.

Because of their unorthodox approach, natural dentists appear to charge a lot more for their procedures. Any of the norms that conventional dentistry has considered safe and stable are rejected by them.

The IABDM certifies most holistic dentists (International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine). This includes several courses as well as a hands-on demonstration of how to remove amalgam fillings.

Compare holistic dentists to other practitioners using the tool below. You can adjust the exercise you're looking at by pressing the arrow. Examine the procedures that each dentist conducts daily and their qualifications, if a referral is needed, and the cost of care.

Dentist Bakersfield

What distinguishes holistic dentistry from conventional dentistry?

Holistic dentistry is based on the idea that any interference with the body affects the whole organism. Furthermore, each patient is served separately. This means that for a similar illness, you may receive completely different treatment than a friend or family member.

They Use A holistic approach to wellness.

Dentist in bakersfield california treats all conditions in the same way as conventional physicians treat systemic illnesses. This ensures they take a holistic approach to problems. Holistic dentistry emphasizes: Proper diet, toxin removal, and avoidance, and prevention rather than treatment are all recommended.

They Use Various approaches to addressing common problems.

Where at all possible, natural dentists avoid the use of dangerous products and surgery. As a result, their approach to common dental issues can vary significantly from that of the average patient.

They Use Materials that are biocompatible and non-toxic.

Holistic dentistry emphasizes the use of non-toxic products that, preferably, already reside in the body. Much of this is done to avoid the buildup of any material that may be toxic in the long run.

They Provide Certain options for treatment.

Natural therapies and procedures that are seldom seen elsewhere are used in holistic dentistry.

Dentist in bakersfield california use only the highest quality dental care at an affordable price, delivered by caring staff in state-of-the-art dental offices.

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