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What is Denture?

A denture is a removable solution that can replace missing and surrounding issues and help restore your smile. If you have lost your natural teeth from injury, gum disease, or tooth decay, you will benefit your appearance and health if you replace your missing teeth. That is because dentures will help you eat and speak better and more comfortable than you could without teeth.

When you lose all of your teeth, you will look older, as your facial muscles may sag. Dentures can help you restore your appearance and profile. And lastly, they are made to closely look like your natural teeth so that there will be not much changes in your appearance and will improve the look of your smile.

Affordable Dentures Bakersfield CA

Types of Dentures

Traditional or Conventional Complete Full Dentures If you lose all of your teeth, you will need to have complete full dentures to replace all of your teeth. These dentures sit on top of gums, and they are usually placed within 8-12 weeks after your teeth have been removed or extracted.

Partial Dentures When you still have some of your natural teeth, like when one or more teeth remain in the lower and upper jaw, partial dentures are used. There is a pink-colored base connected to a metal piece, and two pieces of this metal secure the denture in the mouth. Partial dentures are removable and convenient as you can take them out whenever you need to. This type of denture is made from all-acrylic or acrylic metal, and they also help prevent other teeth from moving.

Custom Dentures Custom dentures are expensive dentures because they are commonly made of more costly teeth to make them look more natural. You are allowed to see the new denture before it is completed. This denture is customized so that your smile will be natural looking and will suit your needs.

Immediate Dentures Immediate dentures are commonly placed on the same day when the teeth are removed or extracted; however, you need to be a good candidate for this denture type.

Implant-Supported Dentures With implant-supported dentures, a dental implant is used to securely support the denture, making the denture stay securely in place. This dental implant provides a natural looking smile and can last long for 10-20 years.

Affordable Dentures Bakersfield CA

Snap-in Dentures When it comes to stability, snap-in dentures are the most effective options. With the help of dental anchors or implants onto the existing teeth, they are held securely in place. And they are usually used when a patient does not have any teeth but still has sufficient bone to support an implant. Snap-in dentures are different from other dentures because of the locator attachments implanted within the denture's tissue side. These dentures are convenient and removable, like the partial dentures, because the locator attachments snap onto the implants or the locator receptors.

Upper Dentures Upper dentures are dentures for the upper teeth. So, if you do not have any teeth on your upper jaw, this type of denture is ideal for you.

Overdentures An overdenture is placed on top of the gums and is held in place using dental implants. It can be put on the upper or lower jaw based on the needs of the patient. This type of denture is removable.

Economy Dentures Economy dentures are the most affordable among all types of dentures. However, they are generic dentures; they do not fit securely or comfortably in the mouth, and they do not look natural. You will need adhesive in this type of denture for a more secure fit.

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